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Science Resources for High School and College Students

What is MyScience Prep?

Our company offers unique resources to high school and college students in the areas of chemistry and physics. These include AP* courses, enrichment courses, podcasts, and lab kits (with fun science merchandise coming soon).

Kernion Twins
(Circa 1969)

About us

MyScience Prep is owned and operated by identical twin brothers Mark and Jack Kernion, professional science educators with over sixty years of combined teaching experience. After starting careers as ceramic engineers in 1981, both have spent the past three decades in large suburban school districts prior to retiring from the public school system. Mark is the co-author of one of the most popular test preparation books published by Barron’s Educational Series, Barron’s SAT Subject Test: Chemistry. Additionally, he is also the author of Chemistry the Easy Way (also published by Barron’s Educational Series) whose new 6th edition was released in July 2019. Jack recently completed a doctoral program in STEM education at the University of Pittsburgh specializing in scientific argumentation.